Happy New Year 2014


How was your New Year’s eve, pals? I had a great new year’s eve last night. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

And, what about your resolutions in 2014? I know. It sounds bit cliche, right? Hahaha

We may have lots of plans and dreams, but Allah. SWT will decide and has the word. Because Allah. SWT knows the best for us. So, all we can do for 2014 is praying and doing our best. May Allah. SWT bless all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

I just found it from 9gag.com.ย  And it made me laugh.


Old people always say, “Anget-anget tai ayam”. Hahaha It means the spirit stays like one night only. Then you forget your plan easily in the next morning.ย I hope it won’t happen to us. :p

Keep fighting for your dream and make it happen! It’s normal to get tired in the middle of your way, you got to take a break and breath as much as you can. Then you have to continue your journey until you reach your destination.

Happy New Year 2014!


Thank You 2013


Today is the last day of 2013. And let’s post some words here before we start 2014. ๐Ÿ˜€

Honestly, in 2013 I didn’t even have bunch of resolutions like year before. As I remember, my wishes were only three things.

Those were my wishes for 2013. All of them were achieved. People might be thought that my wishes were very simple and easy. But for me, that was big. Very huge! Allah. SWT gave them all for me. I was very very lucky. Thank to Allah. SWT. Allah. SWT made it happen to me. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar. ๐Ÿ™‚

There were happy and sad moments in 2013. The happy one always reminded me how lucky I was. And the sad one made me be a tough and brave girl and know how the happy feeling really felt.ย  I have to thank to Allah. SWT for all of them, the happy and the sad moments in life. Because all of them are part of my life and they made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good bye 2013, you’ve been too kind. And the people involved who have made it worth. I can’t hardly wait for more magical moments in 2014. Bismillahirrohmanirrohim. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย “Life is like a piano.ย 

The white keys represent happiness, the black keys show sadness.

But as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys make music too”


A Letter to Mama



Today is Mother’s Day. And for the last eight years I can not be with you in every single day. I only go home once in a year in Idul Fitri. Or two if I am lucky enough to get annual leave.ย I want to apologize that I can not always stay and there for you. But you know how I much I love you. How much I care and want to give all my best for you.


I promise to myself that I will never let you down. I will make you happy and proud of me. I wish I can go home more often for you. You are the best mother ever in the world. I love you, mama.

-Forever your little girl-

With mama and my nephew, Naufal.

With mama and my nephew, Naufal.

Si Anak Elang Goes to Pulau Peucang


It must be very late post. I will post some photos from my last vacation few month before which is September 2013. My bad. So, I went to Pulau Peucang with Si Anak Elang (Belle, Alfian, Acit, Adit, Reno and his sister – Fadya, and Dafi and his girl friend – Gilang. Pulau Peucang is in Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon area.

But I am not going to tell the details, I only want to share some photos. So, here they are!

Welcome to Peucang Island

Welcome to Peucang Island (Captured by Winda’s cell phone)

The White Sands

The White Sands (Captured by Winda’s cell phone)

The sands are very soft like powder. I love it!

The sands are very soft like powder. I love it! (Captured by Winda’s cell phone)

This is the famous Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon

This is the famous Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon (Captured by Acit’s camera)

The "Si Anak Elang" team (Gilang, Winda, fadya, Reno, Belle, Dafi, Alfian, Adit and Acit)

The “Si Anak Elang with Gilang and Fadya” (Gilang, Winda, fadya, Reno, Belle, Dafi, Alfian, Adit and Acit) (Captured by Acit’s camera)

Our first time canoeing. It was awesome!

Our first time canoeing. The view was beautiful and peaceful. And it was awesome! (Captured by mas Heru’s camera)

Oh, deer!

Oh, deer! (Captured by Winda’s cell phone)

Fadya asked me, "Kak, please take my picture when I am eating while the Boars running right in front of me". We called it "Ngebabi bersama Babi". And I just knew that cool name of this Boars is "Celeng". LOL!

Fadya asked me, “Kak, please take my picture with the Boars running right in front of me”. We called it “Ngebabi bersama Babi”. And I just knew that cool name of this Boars is “Celeng”. LOL! (Captured by Winda’s cell phone)

Who can stand on this blue water? I can't! I want to swim here everyday if I could.

Who can stand on this blue water? I can’t! I want to swim here everyday if I could. (Captured by mas Heru’s camera)

I guess this is one of the best activity that everyone waiting for. The menus were very simple as you can see on this picture. But the Sambel was very delicious. A bowl of this Sambel was never enough for everyone. I  am not lying. It was super yummy!

I guess it was one of the best activity that everyone waiting for. The menus were very simple as you can see on this picture. But the Sambel was very delicious. A bowl of this Sambel was never enough for everyone. I am not lying. It was super yummy! (Captured by mas Heru’s camera)

Subhanallah. The rainbow was very beautiful. Speechless! (Captured by mas Heru's camera)

Subhanallah. The rainbow was very beautiful. Speechless! (Captured by mas Heru’s camera)

I called it "Piece of Real Paradise".

I called it “Piece of Real Paradise”. (Captured by Winda’s cell phone)

That’s some photos of ย our vacation in Pulau Peucang. See you in the next vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes Things Have to Fall Apart to Make Way for Better Things


Sunday morning. And it supposed to be beautiful when you can extend your beauty sleep. Me? I can not. It’s kind of natural-self-alarm. Because I have to wake up earlier everyday. So every 5 AM I always wake up without alarm.

I should have run to the swimming pool this morning. Because yesterday I missed Saturday morning swimming activity. It’s my weekend routine and I missed it.

Well, last night I didn’t sleep well, and then I was going back to my old activity which is re-opened my Facebook. Actually it just a quick look on my News Feed. Just want to know what’s new, what’s changed, who’s getting married, who’s got new baby born, and etc.

Friends’ getting married and whole baby new born photos are usual. But today I found a photo of my old friend in Dubai. I knew him about one year, 2 semesters exactly. We were in the same class in college. He was unlucky (at that time) and dropped out from college because he didn’t perform in some subjects. But I knew he was good and an optimistic person. So, after dropped out from college, he moved to another college and continued his Bachelor. I never met him since 2010.

And today I found out that he is an engineer in a big company and his career seems good. Now he’s travelling to Dubai for a training he said on his photo’s tag. A big WOW for him. And as old friend, I’m proud of him.

Then I remember my another old friend who got drop out as well, he didn’t even finish his degree. And now he is working in Thailand. Amazing! He said he’s really happy working there, and this is the part of his dream.

Here I don’t want to expose and tell about my old friends who got drop out from college and I never meant to. I am very proud of them. I just want to share the wayย God works on your dreams. God gives what you needed, not what you wanted. And God will never give us the problems we can not handle because God know all the best for us. God will pay for your effort and it’s very worthy. So, I promise to myself that I will give my best for my big dream and make it real.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!


“Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things” – Ted (How I Met Your Mother)

Indonesia Open 2013


Seperti biasa, ini postingan telat yang seharusnya saya posting hari minggu kemarin.

Minggu, 16 Juni 2013 saya beruntung mendapatkan tiket VIP Final Indonesia Open di Istora Senayan dari memenangkan quiz yang diadakan oleh Changhong.

VIP Ticket

VIP Ticket

Dengan hati riang gembira, jam 11 saya sudah sampai di Istora Senayan bersama sahabat saya Iyya. Sebenarnya sedikit sedih juga sih, karena tim dari Indonesia yang lolos ke final hanya tim ganda putra (Mohammad Ahsan & Hendra Setiawan). Tapi, saya tertariknya lagi karena kemungkinan besar akan ada Taufik Hidayat juga yang datang hari ini. Jadi, saya bela-belain banget nonton hari ini. Fyi, saya dan Iyya adalah fans berat Taufik Hidayat semenjak kami SD. Saya masih ingat dulu saya sering diledekin mama. Karena saya ngefans banget, jadi kalau liat pacarnya Taufik Hidayat yang dulu (inisial D) di infotainment, saya suka senewen sendiri ngejelek-jelekin si pacarnya itu. Mama seneng banget ngeledek saya, โ€œWinda, kalo udah ngeliatin si D ini, bawaannya ngomel-ngomel muluโ€. Aku cemburu mamaaaaa Hahaha

Kembali ke laptop. Jadi, karena pembukaan final belum dimulai juga, saya dan Iyya sempat-sempatnya foto di booth Djarum dan ngantri face painting dulu. Sialnya, pas kami balik farewell nya Taufik Hidayat sudah selesai T.T Jadi, pertandingan Taufik Hidayat di Indonesia Open2013 ini adalah pertandingan terakhirnya sebelum dia mengakhiri karir nya di dunia badminton.

Aaaaah, kesel sendiri gara-gara face painting deh ini jadi ngelewatin momen penting begini T.T

Iyya lagi di face painting

Iyya lagi di face painting

Tapi akhirnya kami masuk juga ke pintu VIP A1. Karena di A1 udah nggak kebagian di depan, akhirnya kami pindah ke B4 (masih tempat VIP juga, seberangnya A1). Disana lumayan dapet duduk ketiga dari depan.

Gelang VIP. Mayaannn hehehe

Gelang VIP. Mayaannn hehehe

Pertandingan pertama diawali oleh ganda putri dari China VS China. Wang Xiaoli / Yu VS Cheng Shu/Bao Yixin. Dan dimenangkan oleh Cheng Shu/Bao Yixin atas Wang Xiaoli/Yu dengan poin 21 : 19. Pertandingan terdiri dari 3 set.

Pertandingan kedua adalah tunggal putra Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) VS Mark Zwiebler (German). Dan permainan Lee Chong Wei ini memang sudah tidak diragukan lagi. Keren! Dengan 2 set, permainan dimenangkan oleh Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia). No wonder lah yah, peringkat 1 dunia goti loh. Padahal dulu masih inget banget jaman Taufik Hidayat di puncak kejayaannya, Lee Chong Wei masih banyak belajar waktu itu. Dan sekarang doi beneran keren. Usahanya membuahkan hasil. Salut! Pas selesai pertandingan, Lee Chong Wei mengganti kaos putih yang ternyata tulisan depannya โ€œWe Love Taufikโ€ dengan foto Taufik juga di depannya. Semua penonton memberikan tepuk tangan dan sambutan yang luar biasa untuk Chong Wei. Menurut saya ini adalah momen yang keren banget. They respect each other.

Dan pertandingan ketiga antara tunggal putri Li Xurei (China) VS J. Schenk (German). Dan dimenangkan oleh Li Xuerui atas J. Schenk dengan rubber set. Nice game!

Pertandingan yang paling ditunggu-tunggu oleh semua penonton di Istora Senayan dan pastinya seluruh Indonesia adalah ganda putra Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan (Indonesia) VS Ko Sung Hyun/Lee Yong Dae. Sambutan di Istora sangat luar biasa. Saya lihatnya kayak pertandingan tinju gitu, lampu sorot keren, trus sambutan penonton di Istora yang luar biasa. Bener-bener keren abis! Pas Ahsan/Hendra dan Sung Hyun/Yong Dae masuk ke lapangan, semua orang teriak kenceeeenng banget. Saya sampai mikir, โ€œini pertandingan badminton apa kontes ketampanan?โ€ HAHAHAHA Aslinya ini pasti cewek-cewek langsung galau mau dukung yang mana. Tapi tetep sih, INDONESIA harus JUARA! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ah, salah fokus hahaha Jadi setelah 2 set pertandingan, Ahsan/Hendra memenangkan pertandingan atas Sung Hyun/Yong Dae. Permainan Ahsan/Hendra hari ini keren banget. Saya bisa lihat Ahsan/Hendra terharu bahagia atas kemenangan mereka. Karena memang merekalah satu-satunya tim Indonesia yang masuk ke final. Beban mereka pasti sangat berat. Dan usaha keras mereka membuahkan hasil yang luar biasa.

Dan, dukungan penonton luar biasa banget banget banget. Kalau boleh lebay, saya sampai merinding melihat kompaknya penonton saat itu. Tanpa ada komando yang jelas, semua penonton tetep kompak. KEREN abis! Baru kali ini saya nonton pertandingan badminton langsung di Istora dan saya bangga menjadi bangsa Indonesia. Nggak ada yang peduli dengan perbedaan yang ada. Semua menjadi satu, INDONESIA. Ah, rasa cinta kepada Indonesia semakin besar ketika saya berada di sini. Mungkin terdengar klise, tapi saya baru saja merasakannya. HIDUPLAH INDONESIA RAYA.

Selesai pertandingan ganda putra, saya dan Iyya langsung pulang. Nggak ngikutin lagi pertandingan setelahnya hehehe Energinya udah habis pas teriak dan lompat-lompatan pas pertandingan ganda putra tadi.

Harapan saya, semoga badminton Indonesia lebih baik lagi ke depannya. Kembali ke jaman keemasan seperti dulu lagi. Semangat terus Indonesia!

Sekali lagi terima kasih banyak Changhong untuk tiket VIP gratisnya. Sukses terus Changhong! ๐Ÿ˜€

Dan ini sedikit oleh-oleh dari kami. Foto-foto narsis! Muahahahaha

Thank a lot!

Thank a lot!

Ayo Indonesia!

Ayo Indonesia!

Iyya with his idol

Iyya with his idol

Me with DIO. Maskotnya Indonesia Open 2013.

Me with DIO. Maskotnya Indonesia Open 2013.

Taraaa.. ini hasil face painting kita yang akhirnya gak liat farewell nya Taufik. Tapi hasilnya oke lah. HEBOH! Hahaha

Taraaa.. ini hasil face painting kita yang akhirnya gak liat farewell nya Taufik. Tapi hasilnya oke lah. HEBOH! Hahaha

Karimun Jawa #3 : Bukit Jokotuo


Hari ketiga di Karimun Jawa

Pagi ini setelah sholat subuh, kami jalan kaki ke Bukit Jokotuo. Melewati pasar Karimun Jawa, trus naik bukit sekitar 15-20 menitan. Maklum, bukan anak gunung, jadi naik bukit segini aja udah ngos-ngosan dan keringetan segede biji jagung.

Selamat datang di Bukit Jokotuo! *hapus keringet*

Selamat datang di Bukit Jokotuo! *hapus keringet*

Di atas bukit Jokotuo juga ada fosil tulang ikan paus besar banget. Keren deh, selama ini cuma membayangkan ukuran ikan paus. Nah, disini jadi tau ukuran aslinya ๐Ÿ˜€

Fosil ikan Paus. Gede bener!

Fosil ikan Paus. Gede bener!

Usaha naik ke atas bukit ini terbayar dengan keindahan pemandangan yang super duper indah! Subhanallah. Kami sampai terkagum-kagum. Pemukiman penduduk, bibir pantai, dermaga, gradasi warna air laut, dan pulau-pulau kecil di tengah laut semua terlihat sangat indah. Saya takut tidak dapat mendeskripsikan betapa indahnya apa yang saya lihat. Subhanallah. Sungguh indah ciptaan Allah. SWT.

Subhanallah. Indah banget! :)

Subhanallah. Indah banget! ๐Ÿ™‚

Di bawah sana pemukiman warga Karimun Jawa

Di bawah sana pemukiman warga Karimun Jawa

Ngaso dulu di saung :D

Ngaso dulu di saung ๐Ÿ˜€

All team! :)

All team! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jam 10.30 kami turun lagi ke pemukiman penduduk, mampir dulu di pasar Karimun Jawa untuk membeli oleh-oleh dan sarapan. Di Karimun Jawa nggak ada makanan khas yang siap makan untuk dijadikan oleh-oleh. Tapi kami membeli krupuk Kepiting yang belum digoreng dan rumput laut untuk oleh-oleh. Setelah dari pasar, kami mampir ke deretan toko yang khusus menjual souvenir buat oleh-oleh khas Karimun Jawa. Ada toko kaos, gelang, gantungan kunci, kain bali yang tulisan Karimun Jawa, dan macem-macem.

Pasar Tradisional Karimun Jawa

Pasar Tradisional Karimun Jawa

Setelah sholat zuhur, kami dijemput sama orangnya pak Moko. Trus sedikit nego, mas nya ngajakin kami ke hotelnya pak Moko, hotel Asri namanya. Ternyata, pak Moko ini pengusaha besar di kampungnya. Dengan pembawaan yang humble dan sederhana, beliau punya banyak asset ๐Ÿ˜€ Rumah beliau yang dijadikan homestay, rumah makan dekat dermaga, ikan hiu di penangkaran, kapal, hotel Asri, dan yang sedang dibangun ada cottage apung dekat dengan hotel Asri. Setelah melihat langsung hotel Asri, temen-temen langsung bilang, โ€œnext trip kalo ke Karimum Jawa lagi, kita nginepnya di hotel Asri ya!โ€. Hahaha Kelihatan sangat nyaman soalnya ๐Ÿ˜€

Hotel Asri

Hotel Asri

Setelah keliling dan sempat makan siang di rumah makan pak Moko, sekitar jam 14.00 WIB, kami di antar ke dermaga dan langsung nyebrang lagi ke Jepara. Kalau kemarin pas berangkat ke Karimun Jawa nggak bisa naik ke atas kapal karena terlalu penuh, kali ini pas pulang bisa juga naik ke atas kapal. Seru!

Di atas kapal mau nyebrang ke Jepara

Di atas kapal mau nyebrang ke Jepara

Sektiar dua jam nyebrang dan kapal sandar di dermaga Jepara, sudah banyak becak yang nungguin. Jadi bisa minta diantar ke terminal Jepara, kembali naik bus Haryanto ke Jakarta. Yatttaaa! Perjalanan lebih lama dari kemarin berangkat. Sampai terminal Lebak Bulus jam 9.00 WIB, karena macetnya Jakarta yang seperti biasa di Senin pagi. Jadilah nambah cuti setengah hari lagi, hahaha Saya naksi ke kosan, sempet mandi dan bongkar tas. Trus siangnya langsung ke kantor lagi. ๐Ÿ˜€

Tapi, liburan ke Karimun Jawa super duper seru. Puas dengan keindahannya yang subhanallah cantiknya! Tapi masih pengen balik lagi kesana! Hahahhaa

Kalau boleh lebay, saya mau bilang, Karimun Jawa itu adalah pecahan kecil dari surga. Luar biasa indahnya!ย Semoga listrik segera masuk ke Karimun Jawa, dan Karimun Jawa semakin maju dan tetap terawat dengan baik. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you next trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

Captured by Tata

Captured by Tata