Farewell with Goethe Friends B1.1 Class



Happy Fasting you all! Today is day 4 of Ramadhan 1436 H. I wish you all do your ibadah to the max. And the same wish for me too. 🙂

Well, I have told you about me taking German Language Class in Goethe Institut, Jakarta. So, last friday was the farewell with my B1.1 classmates. Some of friends are going to German this year, around August and September. Some of them are going to take studienkolleg for one year before going to college. And some of them are  going to continue their master degree there. And two of them are going to join Au Pair in German. It was a lil bit sad than two farewell I’ve been with my previous class before. Because almost half of them will leave. Yet, I am very happy for their achievements. All the best for you all! I wish that we will meet again in another time or another country. Aamiin 🙂

Thank you for Herr Welly, Frau Yuniar, and frau Aden for teaching us this kuartal. 🙂

Keep in touch, guys!

Viel Erfolg und auf wiedersehen!

Goethe Friends. B1.1 Class.

Goethe Friends. B1.1 Class.


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