Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


I kind of miss writing. I just had writing test in my German class tonight. We called it Schreiben Test. And I thought I made a big mistake as previous one. I read the topic wrongly! I have just ruined it!

Anyway, I have been taking a German Language course in Goethe Institut Jakarta from last year. Three times in a week. German language is not simple as I thought. There are lots of article that you have to remember. Everything has an article. There is no standard actually. For example, a book is neutral. So, a book is das Buch in German. Then, a pen is masculine. So, a pen is der Kuli. Then for feminine things, you have to use “die” as article. For example, a bag is die Tasche. And lots of things that I have to remember. But, I love to learn this language. As my teacher said, “Deutsch ist einfach”. It means “German language is easy”. Well, Herr… Please teach us then.

I love joining this class, I am learning new things here and making new friends. My course mates are coming from various background. From senior high school students to a middle-aged mothers.

And I have decided to write in German on some occasion here. I want to make my Schreiben Test better than today. Honestly, I am not really good in writing right now. I almost forget how to write systematically.

Well, I will work my ass off to learn this new language! Toi Toi Toi!