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Happy New Year 2014


How was your New Year’s eve, pals? I had a great new year’s eve last night. Thank you! 🙂

And, what about your resolutions in 2014? I know. It sounds bit cliche, right? Hahaha

We may have lots of plans and dreams, but Allah. SWT will decide and has the word. Because Allah. SWT knows the best for us. So, all we can do for 2014 is praying and doing our best. May Allah. SWT bless all of us 🙂

I just found it from  And it made me laugh.


Old people always say, “Anget-anget tai ayam”. Hahaha It means the spirit stays like one night only. Then you forget your plan easily in the next morning. I hope it won’t happen to us. :p

Keep fighting for your dream and make it happen! It’s normal to get tired in the middle of your way, you got to take a break and breath as much as you can. Then you have to continue your journey until you reach your destination.

Happy New Year 2014!