Sometimes Things Have to Fall Apart to Make Way for Better Things


Sunday morning. And it supposed to be beautiful when you can extend your beauty sleep. Me? I can not. It’s kind of natural-self-alarm. Because I have to wake up earlier everyday. So every 5 AM I always wake up without alarm.

I should have run to the swimming pool this morning. Because yesterday I missed Saturday morning swimming activity. It’s my weekend routine and I missed it.

Well, last night I didn’t sleep well, and then I was going back to my old activity which is re-opened my Facebook. Actually it just a quick look on my News Feed. Just want to know what’s new, what’s changed, who’s getting married, who’s got new baby born, and etc.

Friends’ getting married and whole baby new born photos are usual. But today I found a photo of my old friend in Dubai. I knew him about one year, 2 semesters exactly. We were in the same class in college. He was unlucky (at that time) and dropped out from college because he didn’t perform in some subjects. But I knew he was good and an optimistic person. So, after dropped out from college, he moved to another college and continued his Bachelor. I never met him since 2010.

And today I found out that he is an engineer in a big company and his career seems good. Now he’s travelling to Dubai for a training he said on his photo’s tag. A big WOW for him. And as old friend, I’m proud of him.

Then I remember my another old friend who got drop out as well, he didn’t even finish his degree. And now he is working in Thailand. Amazing! He said he’s really happy working there, and this is the part of his dream.

Here I don’t want to expose and tell about my old friends who got drop out from college and I never meant to. I am very proud of them. I just want to share the way God works on your dreams. God gives what you needed, not what you wanted. And God will never give us the problems we can not handle because God know all the best for us. God will pay for your effort and it’s very worthy. So, I promise to myself that I will give my best for my big dream and make it real.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!


“Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things” – Ted (How I Met Your Mother)


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