I am on my way to the beautiful future


Life is a meal and old age is the dessert. I spend so much of my time worrying about the future. Where’s my career going? Who am I gonna marry?
But when you’re old, you don’t worry, because all that stuff’s already happened.
– Ted Moshby, How I met your mother –

I feel the same with Ted. I am too curious to know about my future. I want to see my future house. I want to see my future children. Are they girls or boys? Perhaps all of them are boys or girls? Sometimes I wish God speed up the time for me.  Ya, It’s just a dream. Hehehe

I believe that most of women in the world are really curious about their future. So do I. It’s normal. Because we care about it. We dream about beautiful future. Married to someone we love, have cute children, enjoy vacation with family, have a great career and salary, and so on. Live happily ever after. This simple sentence describes all of it.

But, we don’t just get over something like that easily. God has plan for us. We just need to follow the path, then we will know the ending of our story. And do not forget to be grateful and pray for our best future.

Dear beautiful future,
Please wait for me. I’m on my way to you.
Beautiful lady, Winda.


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  1. the way already written on my holly islamic bibble which I have been brought before in the train. But I’m afraid you feel hot when you touch that. hahahaha

    • I don’t read bibble, dude. I read al-qur’an. Anyway, you told me that you bring al-qur’an to attract a woman. Then I know who was that beautiful woman. is “she” Kurtubi? Oh my Godness!

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