Busy Bustle Activity


Heii… I just got new inspiration to be posted in this blog.

But wait, first of all, I want to apologize to my unread blog. “Sorry, bloggy (that’s my blog’s name), I am in a truly busy dizzy right now. Hope you understand. I am so sorry, baby”.

That’s the way I apologize to all my stuff. Yaa! I know, it’s very weird, but I love to do it. Problem? :p

Then, back to the topic.

Actually, I’m in seriously busy dizzy right now. In the morning, I am an employee.  Then after working, I take a train to Depok to be an university student (again). And go home or “Kost-an” in Depok  at 9PM or 9.30PM. Take some sleep, then in the morning at 5.30AM must take a train to Jakarta. Then be an employee again. Ohya, I take a course on Saturday morning until 3PM.

Well, that’s all my life cycle for now. Let’s say “K5” – “Kost-an – Kantor- Kantin – Kampus – Kursus”. LOL!

Busy dizzy, right? Ya, sometimes it’s difficult to manage all of them. But honestly, I really enjoy my busy bustle activity. I better do so many activity then only “leyeh-leyeh” all day. I am just not that into “anak rumahan”. So, you won’t find me at home on weekdays, even weekend.

And for you guys, don’t ever waste your time for nothing. So, move on! 🙂


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