when a woman says


When a woman says you’re only a best friend or a brother, accept it! She talks seriously. Don’t hope too much to be more than that position. You will only waste your time. Just be a nice best friend or brother. She will appreciate it very much. Trust me! I told the truth.



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  1. Hei… Don’t judge me like that, guys. You know you can ask me directly. I won’t talk to much in here. :p

    Thanks guys… πŸ™‚

  2. Artinya :
    “Maap ye..Gw gak mau ama lu yg gak oke gitu..Mending jadi temen ato kakak aja dah..Terima kenyataan aja yak, gak perlu ngemis2 minta lebih dari itu”..


    Bener tak..???hmmmmmm..

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