God has a wonderful plan for us


Today, Tuesday, March 30th, 2010. It means that this is the last three month of this year. It also will be the 4th month of this year.

The time runs so fast, I don’t worry about that. And the certain question is “What are you doing for this first three month, Winda?”. I said, “Nothing!”. I haven’t do precious things for the beginning of the year. And it means that I have 9 months left to do something precious and useful for myself, my family, and others. What should I do?

I don’t want to compare myself with others. Everyone has so many ways to face the world. Some of friends have a great job. I envy them, honestly. But, I always remainding myself, don’t only look at friends who has a great job, look at friends who has no job too. So, I will be greatful for what God has gave to me. I know that God has a wonderful plan for us and we only need to believe in God’s planning, work hard and keep praying.

“So, have you make any planning for the left months, Winda?”. I’ll answer, “No, I haven’t yet”. I want to be useful but I haven’t make any planning yet. It just like a fisherman wants to get fish, but he don’t have a fishing equipment and the baits.

“Should I make the planning list?”. And the answer is “BIG YES”. Now, take a pen and paper, then write what do you want to reach. And you will understand which one will be your priority planning and will be waiting list. Then, bring it into reality.

So, how about you, guys? 🙂

PS :

Hi guys, I want to introduce my new editor : Ai. She is my best friend, too. Thanks, sist 🙂

Please check her blog “Saya Ingin Mengalirkan Kata“. You will be amazed by her words 🙂


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